Sunday, August 14, 2016

STRESS ORPHAN - Cadaver Politik / R.C. KOZLETSKY - Pulsed in a Dull Glass Bell


STRESS ORPHAN - "Cadaver Politik" C31
The first new STRESS ORPHAN material since his "Dogman" tape on Depravity Label in 2015.. and it's been well worth the wait.  Eric Trude gives us two side long tracks, both of which are massive in scope and volume.  Crushing noise gives way to heavy synths and intense vocals that bring the best parts of BASTARD NOISE to mind.  Heavy & mandatory.  50 copies on gold tapes.



R.C. KOZLETSKY - "Pulsed in a Dull Glass Bell" C40
The man behind APOCRYPHOS and one half of SHOCK FRONTIER brings us 40 minutes of sheer aural horror.  Recorded sporadically in the basement of Oneiros Laboratory during 2014, "Pulsed in a Dull Glass Bell" symbolizes ones own inner turmoil and battling against a mentally deteriorated state.  Suffocating drone walls, delirious, off-kilter effects and subtle use of harmony create a horrifying soundtrack to mental degeneration.  Cover art by Pär Boström (Kammarheit).  50 copies.


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