Friday, October 19, 2012

Coming Soon

BEREFT - First Degree of Separation / Removed From Security 2xCS (C45 + C70)

Reissue of the first two BEREFT releases-- back when BEREFT was the solo project of Peter Lee.  Heavy as fuckall industrial noise and power electronics.  Also includes a track taken from the "Epidemic" compilation (Truculent Recordings) released around the same time.  Double cassette box, limited to 100 copies.  Coming in the next few weeks.

And following that...

V/A - WRITING HER DIARY: A Tribute to Brainbombs

If anyone deserves a power electronics tribute album dedicated to them, it's BRAINBOMBS.  Will feature tracks from DETERGE, GNAWED, RU-486, THE VOMIT ARSONIST, PUSDRAINER, STRIATIONS, TAETER, MUTANT APE & SMUT, and more .... coming in December.

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