Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New Reviews

RU-486 - Blitz Aktion Contra review courtesy of Heathen Harvest:

"This thirty minute cassette tape presents three live performances that show RU at a pivotal stage of transformation from a harsh power electronics sound with industrial leanings toward a leaner and more composed sound. The three live performances are all chaotic and amorphous, but with an organic classic industrial (as in, “Industrial Records”) warmth that gives form to the barrage of sound within."
   Full Review: http://heathenharvest.org/2012/09/05/ru-486-blitz-aktion-contra/

CONURE / 15 DEGREES BELOW ZERO - Split review courtesy of Heathen Harvest:

"This is the kind of really nice, long, atmospheric tape that you don’t see as much these days… Cool electronics and warm noise/feedback meet together for a psyched-out and beautiful middle ground."
Full Review: http://heathenharvest.org/2012/09/05/conure-15-degrees-below-zero-split/

Copies of both cassettes are still available.

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