Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RU-486 review / status of new batch

each of the three new releases are about half gone. as of right now, RRR (US) and Molehill (Japan) will carry all the titles in their distro. Artists will also have copies, so once I'm out (which I anticipate will be next week or so), contact the above distros or the artists themselves. This is a seriously brutal set of releases from three projects that absolutely deserve to be heard.

That being said, J. over at plague haus posted a great review of the now sold out release "Disease & Development" by RU-486.

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Written by J.

RU-486 : Disease & DevelopmentDanvers State Recordings : 2009
Format : C10 cassette

Lately I’ve been trying to steer clear of these uber limited releases. Why waste words on something very few people are going to be able to actually own. Two reasons: 1) I think RU-486 is one of the more important artists on the current US Power Electronics scene and 2) someone may eventually re-release it or it will appear on some “greatest hits” thing and you’ll remember ole J told ya it was worth your time.

RU-486 is one of the many faces worn by Thomas Mortigan. He’s the man behind the Destructive Industries label, USBM band Octagon, a recent recruit to long-time Richard Ramirez lead Noise legend Black Leather Jesus as well as a member of several other Noise and PE projects. So as an artist, Mr. Mortigan is definitely suffering from adult ADHD. This little gem happens to be released on Danvers State, the label ran by Andy Grant of Vomit Arsonist, Bereft and several other projects. These guys seem to be forming a sort of US collective to rival the “bro scene” that seems to plague a lot of American projects and maybe will prove that there are some stateside forces that should definitely be taken seriously.

The label described this release as harkening back to the Broken Flag era of noisy industrial and really, that’s a dead on description so my review is all but a moot point. The first time the wheels began spinning on this that was exactly what I thought. Besides the vocals being a little cleaner and more audible than a lot of those projects, you could’ve slipped this one in “Axis Sally”. Side A is comprised of “Civilian Deaths Mount In The Cross Fire Of War”, a four minute gut loosening rumble and vocals so venomous they’d make Eric Wood jealous. “Revolution Fever Stirs Rural Nepal” makes up the whole of Side B, more thunderous low-end that drifts into phased out highs. I was a tiny bit disappointed this one was sans vocals, but the aggression of the track makes up for it.

My only real complaint here is I was just getting warmed up when it’s done. I’d love to hear more in this vein from RU, but he seems to be fairy prolific as of late so as long as he keeps the current level of quality control intact, all is good. Released in a clear, ziplock evidence bag with inserts as an edition of 65, it’s definitely worth tracking down.

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