Monday, February 22, 2010

DSR : STATUS : 02:22:10

NYODENE D - God and Country C40
TEAROOM TRADE - Tearoom Trade C36

PANTHER MODERN - Last Judgment Machine C60

RRR, Molehill and Malignant will all have copies starting this week (or in Molehill's case, probably next week). I encourage anyone who missed out on these fucking brilliant releases to go check out those distros and support them.



- I've recently received the masters for "Ladd" by SHARPWAIST. It's been a long time coming, and well over a year in the making, and let me tell you, this album is worth every fucking second of waiting. If you know SHARPWAIST, you know what I'm talking about... and if not, this is the perfect introduction to the artist. "Ladd" will be released as a double cassette; one C20 and one C60, in a double, side by side case.

- MURDEROUS VISION's "Salvation on Sand Mountain" is nearly complete. 70 minutes of brutal death industrial and PE, featuring guest vocals by FASCIST INSECT, NYODENE D, PRAYING FOR OBLIVION and THE VOMIT ARSONIST.

- The C20 from HIERCHISS is still in the works.

The rest of the releases on my schedule are in various stages of "finished," so I'll report more news when I have it.

Thanks for all the support.