Friday, August 31, 2018


Posted on Facebook, I will reiterate here..

"Full disclosure: I struggle on the regular with operating DSR, and I've threatened to shut it down (only to myself and my wife) about once a week for years. Working on the KINTAAN and LVMMVX releases, and thinking about other acts I'd like to approach / have approached has me getting sort of excited about it again. As I said in this post, I'm doing something of a "reboot" of the label, which really just means that I have certain acts in mind that I really want to work with and I'm excited for these potential opportunities even though I've connected with pretty much none of them-- but I'm coming for you.

Connecting, and in some cases, reconnecting, with artists and friends that I admire has pushed me in this direction. This is a good time for industrial, noise and power electronics. New blood is moving in, while the old masters are still churning out good shit, and in some cases, their best work. Despite my vehement dislike of the concept of "scenes," I'm glad to be a part of this in any capacity, be it through releasing others work on DSR or creating my own awful filth as The Vomit Arsonist."


KINTAAN - "Untitled" C62 (DSR75)
The long awaited official debut from Providence, RI's premier "extradimensional post-music trio." A disgusting mix of industrial tinged noise and sparse, dissonant doom metal with hints of psychedelia spread across four tracks, totaling 31 minutes. Thick, saturated production battling minimal, jarring composition. This is living, breathing terror from absolute masters of their craft. 

CD version will be available through Annihilvs, with an LP version coming later via Concrete Lo-Fi.
All versions will be available with a weed grinder business card / download card. Photos & details here:

LVMMVX - "Let There Be Blight" C40 (DSR76)
LVMMVX (lum·mox noun \ˈlə-məks, -miks\ big dumb meandering sound)
Debut release from Josh Yelle (KINTAAN, HARD DRUG)'s solo "chamber noise" outfit. Heavily layered, looped, and rhythmic dark ambience is enunciated by the cavernous
pounding on the hull of a beat up cello. 40 minutes of miniature horror film scores devoid of any light or hope.

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