Wednesday, December 17, 2014


EN NIHIL - "Dead Frequency" C30
"Dead Frequency" is something of a "lost recording" in the En Nihil catalog.  Recorded after nearly a decade of inactivity, "Dead Frequency" was originally meant to be an EP preceding 2009's "The Approaching Dark" CD.  It ended up being shelved for years, until now. 
By now, you know En Nihil's sound: bleak, hopeless death dirges and gut wrenching blackened noise.  If you're unfamiliar, this is a great place to start (and shame on you).  Two side long tracks.  Short and to the point.  Essential listening.  C30.  Limited to 50 copies.
"Dead Frequency Part 1" Sample:

AUDITOR + CROWHURST - "Suppression" C50
(description taken from bandcamp page)
Lean over the edge and tip into the rending gorge between stars, black-ice ambience stretching the fabric of reality over long-dead bones.  A pulverizing joint venture of harsh noise, blasted synth melodies, and corroded industrial beats, "SUPPRESSION" is the result of months of collaboration between noise titan CROWHURST and the ebon monolith AUDITOR featuring MATRON THORN of AEVANGELIST and BENIGHTED IN SODOM.

Artwork by the inimitable Stephen Wilson (  Originally released as a digital download on Bandcamp.  C50.  Limited to 50 copies.