Wednesday, January 08, 2014



This morning around 5AM, Stephen Petrus (of MURDEROUS VISION) had his home burn down.  He's lost literally everything, save for the clothes on his back and a box of his own releases that he managed to grab while escaping the house.

Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, although I'm told that a woman, presumably a neighbor, is "unaccounted for" as of the time of this writing.

So a bunch of us in the industrial community have come forward to help our amazing friend. 

Facebook group:

MONEY CAN BE DONATED AT THIS LINK:  --- every little bit helps.

MURDEROUS VISION's bandcamp site:

If you want to send clothes or things like that, he wears size 12 shoes, size 34/32 pants, and size XL shirts.  Please contact me personally at if you need an address to send donations to.  Put something about it in the subject line so I don't delete the email.

IN ADDITION: I will be releasing a cassette as soon as humanly possible of unreleased live material from THE VOMIT ARSONIST.  All proceeds will go directly to Stephen.

Thank you for your support during this awful time. 

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