Tuesday, April 03, 2012


THE VOMIT ARSONIST - Patience / Violence
"Definitely recommended for fans of classics like Atrax Morgue or (early) M.B.- if you like that molasses- paced stuff then you might be really into this- it’s very much worth a listen. Similar in that way also to sludgier metal ala Eyehategod, Crowbar et al. If you have an interest in that kind of stuff, Vomit Arsonist definitely fits into that depressive feel and subdued violence." ...
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KLIT - Sodomy is Birth Control
"This project has a less straightforward and more trippy vibe than I would have expected from the name and track titles. The PE style vocals are kind of buried in with all of the other stuff, but when you can hear them it is effective. Maybe could benefit from the inclusion of lyrics… I am still left with so many questions. Overall this is an interesting release and it makes me curious what is up with this artist… kind of blurry and hazy, out-of-focus stuff here, like hearing little slices of another dimension."
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