Sunday, June 28, 2009

For Release : 7/6/09

THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE - Live in Muenster C40
live, analog improvisations from one of the masters of the drone/noise genre. edition of 50.

CHURNER - The Rancid Blessing C30
layer upon layer of brutal, unrelenting harsh noise, scattered with samples of various religious zealots and televangelists.
edition of 30. each copy comes with a nickel-plated rosary crucifix glued to the cover.

MAZAKON TACTICS - Squirming in Prurience C20
debut release from this death industrial/power electronics outfit from berlin. uncomfortable industrial drones and painful, guttural vocals. side project of IZANAMI'S LABOUR PAINS.
edition of 22. each copy will come wrapped in a piece of fishnet stockings.

all releases will be $5 shipped in the US, and $7 everywhere else.

these three tapes also mark the first time DSR has printed covers in full color, something i hope i will be able to continue in the future.

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