Thursday, January 22, 2009

General News

I'm finalizing the artwork for the LOVE IS NOTHING./C.I.R. split release. Once I get approval from the artists that the artwork is acceptable, and i gather a little bit of cash, it'll be ready to go.

The next releases on the front burner include a C30 from the UK's CONTENT NULLITY. According to CN, writing for the release "Despondancy Overdose" will begin soon, and if his previous output is any indictation, . Here's a few words about his "Rotting Walls of Decaying Sound" 3" CD-R, available from Scrape Tapes ...

"...This tiny mini-CD contains 20 minutes of dark insanity that starts like a wound, falls in a super-medicated spiral through hell, and then finishes with the death convulsions – displaying them in all their violence and grotesqueries...

The other release will be a split between Houston, TX harsh noise master CONCRETE VIOLIN and Providence, RI's self-loathing power electronics artist THE VOMIT ARSONIST.

Not sure which will come first, but it doesn't matter, as both releases will kill.

More when there's something to report.

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